Midnight Basketball Australia - FAQs

Everything you want to know. If it is not here let us know and we will add it.

Who is Midnight Basketball Australia and what is Midnight Basketball?

There is loads of information on the About page. If there is anything else you would like to know please give us a call at Midnight Basketball Australia - we would love to hear from you.

Who can attend to participate?

If Midnight Basketball has been approved to run in your community, everyone aged 12-18 looking for positive, fun activity to enjoy while building skills and confidence are welcome is welcome to join and it costs nothing to enter.

How does each Tournament night run?

Every night of each Tournament includes dinner, motivational skills sessions, competition basketball games and a bus home. See About for more information.

What is provided?

Included in tournaments nights for all participants, are a nutritious dinner, team uniforms (player singlets) and bus home - all dropped to their front door at night’s end (or collected by an authorised Parent/Legal guardian).

Where does it run?

In local communities, who are approved by Midnight Basketball Australia.

Can it run in my location?

If you would like to get Midnight Basketball in your community - town or suburb, contact us yourself or get someone you know to contact us. Simply go to dropdown Start a new location.

Why basketball?

The most common question and a good one. Basketball is a fast and inclusionary game. Being true believers in the benefits of organised sport for providing life learnings for teenagers, we know the actual sport is not important per se. We choose basketball as the best sport to cater for all our requirements and align with our values that drive our inclusionary culture: it caters to all areas of sporting ability (some sports require a high level of skill which would exclude some players), is a magnet to teenagers, is played on basketball courts (which are small enough to house indoors) so can be held inside which is important from a safety, climate and enjoyment (think rain, cold, darkness V dry, lit up, safe) perspective - given it involves around 60-80 teenagers till midnight these are all important to creating our happy, inclusive, high energy and safe environments.

Why Midnight?

The second most asked question and also a good one. We want teenagers to develop life-long healthy habits and a developing brain not affected by alcohol and substance abuse. We are serious about wanting to change our old-fashioned cultural attachment to binge drinking and other harmful and unhealthy activities. Everyone is involved in this change including the teenagers. While thoroughly enjoying and benefitting from this fun social period of the week. Every week.

Midnight Basketball is proactively changing this out-dated and tiresome culture to one of prosocial, high energy, exercise and life lessons wrapped up in a fun, social late-night activity. It does need some extra support to provide late night activities and we have taken this into account as we developed the Midnight Basketball Tournament Model to make it easier to run this kind of activity safely, effectively and professionally. Having run over 250 tournaments around the country over 10 years, we understand this period of the week and what it takes. We are so happy to have teenagers out late on weekend nights, then tired out and in bed to get some unaffected important sleep in preparation for a social, lively fun and restorative weekend.

Teenagers don’t want to be lectured about building healthy habits and avoiding unhealthy substances and activities by adults not providing alternative activities. We want to walk the talk and promote Midnight Basketball and many other activities that are fun and healthy as a proactive way to build a new weekend culture. And provide an experience that mirrors it.

Our experience is our teenagers go home exhausted and happy, after catching up with existing and new friends, and go to sleep. This is a benefit to all the teenagers and the local community. The new healthy way to enjoy late weekend nights.

Why only Friday and Saturday nights?

These are the weekend nights. To support the development of good, regular sleep patterns to be ready for school five days a week, Midnight Basketball would not make sense on other pre-weekday nights.

Can spectators come and watch?

If you would like, please welcome your parents or guardians to come along, join us for dinner and watch the games. Please read the Tournament Night Rules as these are strictly implemented for everyone attending (ie, including spectators) so we have the same rules for everyone in the stadium. Everyone safe. Everyone happy.

Can I give you ideas?

Yes please !!!!!
We not only love to hear your thoughts and feedback and new ideas - they are vital to our success. Please email us - see Contacts link at bottom of page. We love getting suggestions, ideas for improvement or other feedback or questions – or let someone know on Tournament Night.

How do I register as a Player?

See How to register FAQs below.

Does it cost anything to join?

Midnight Basketball is free for all participants.

Do I need to know how to play basketball?

You do not need sporting or basketball skills but do need to be able bodied (contact us if not sure).

What do I wear?

You will be given a team singlet each night on arrival, which must be handed back to your Coach before you leave each night. Please wear suitable clothes to play basketball in such as sports shoes (must be covered shoes with lace/tie ups– no thongs or sandals) and shorts. No caps, hats or jewelry can be worn during the games so are best left at home. Girls are advised to wear a singlet top under their basketball singlet as the sleeves are quite low.

How do I get home?

Buses will take all players home unless your parent / legal guardian is there to sign you out (registered). All other players must depart on the buses after their final match of the night. The aim is to get everyone home by Midnight.

Midnight Basketball highly values its Volunteers and recognises that the volunteering experience must be one of mutual benefit. The contribution of Volunteers supports many great initiatives at Midnight Basketball as well as the program itself and provides support often not able to be provided otherwise.Midnight Basketball also provides Volunteers with an opportunity to role model appropriate behaviours and provides teenagers a contact point for connection to Community.

Why is volunteering so important?

To be sustainable we rely on and are extraordinarily grateful for volunteers. We also know there are many benefits volunteers report back. Deep caring engagement. Kindness. Understanding of local issues. Who needs a hand. Who and where to find expertise in different areas. The list is endless and becomes more and more profound, beneficial, effective and sustainable over time. We believe that to build an inclusionary culture in this kind of community activity, volunteering has to be at its heart.

Why such a strong emphasis on being run by community.

The Midnight Basketball Tournament Model has inbuilt learnings from running tournaments (over 250) across Australia over a long period from many, many communities and we have combined this with best practice research and best practice principles. And what we know works. Who is best to actually run it? We know that the best people to run local Midnight Basketball tournaments are the communities themselves. While Midnight Basketball Australia provide the Tournament System and Tournament Model and other national support, we are all proponents of communities supporting their own community. Communities know their own community best and will run it most effectively while ensuring that local issues are most effectively and inclusively highlighted and addressed.

How do I register as a Volunteer?

See How to register FAQs below.

As a Volunteer what can I offer?

As an adult you have developed many life skills either through family, study, work, hobbies or being involved in your community. The ability for you to demonstrate what you have learnt by role modelling positive behaviours and providing opportunities for local teenagers to meet new people is an invaluable experience for our teenagers and also for yourself.

Do I have to be young to be a Volunteer?

Absolutely not. All community members across all ages, diversity, backgrounds and cultural groups are welcome and encouraged to be involved in Midnight Basketball. This is what creates the rich environment and everyone who has attended will attest to the profound nature of this in action.

What do I wear?

Comfortable, relaxed, neat clothing, with runners, flats or other enclosed shoes. No thongs are allowed.

Do I need to bring anything?

You don't need to bring anything with you. No money is required. Please do not bring lollies, soft drink, fast food, cigarettes or other harmful items into Midnight Basketball Tournaments. Water is provided.

Will I be required to drive anyone home?

No and further, you are not permitted to. Midnight Basketball provides local buses and drivers, with supervisors, all with valid WWC, to drive each Midnight Basketball player home to their doorstep at the end of the Tournament Night.

Is a meal provided?

Yes. A nutritious meal is provided to all Midnight Basketball Players and Volunteers. Midnight Basketball promotes healthy habits so of course we don't have any fast food, lollies or soft drinks to be part of the food provided or available on Tournament Nights. The environment is role modelling healthy behaviour for all including our teenagers. Water is also provided. Make yourself welcome at team tables with the Players for dinner, even if you have eaten - rather than standing around watching - and it’s a great way to get to know each other.

Do I have to understand the rules of Basketball?

No, not at all. There are many other tasks/opportunities that are required to keep Midnight Basketball running smoothly, including help with dinner and setting up skills sessions, and other activities throughout the night. Tournament organisers will match your skills and interests with the tasks on the night.

Does the Code of Conduct apply to everyone?

It is tremendously important to the ethic of the program that the Code of Conduct applies to everyone. We can hardly ask our teenagers to modify their behaviour if, as adults, we aren't prepared to also.  Examples include smoking, swearing, courtesy and other behaviours that appear on the Code of Conduct along with the Midnight Basketball Rules. By showing this leadership, you will be supporting the Tournament Night Manager and volunteers in implementing these positive behaviours and helping our teenagers learn by example.

Can I smoke?

Smoking (or vaping) is not permitted during Midnight Basketball Tournament nights (including breaks) by Players, Volunteers or spectators. Midnight Basketball aims to create healthy environments that role model healthy behaviour for teenagers and as outlined above supports the Players’ Code of Conduct.

We are supporting volunteers to prepare for volunteering at Midnight Basketball by 'Giving Up the Smokes'. Keep in mind Midnight Basketball is strictly a non-smoking environment and we are proud to support this important part of the Code of Conduct and Rules of Midnight Basketball given the high numbers of teenagers still taking up smoking. You will find the players look up to you and by not bringing cigarettes or smoking during the night you are helping them in their efforts to give up smoking permanently and helping us to reinforce this important health message by walking the talk. They appreciate the adults supporting their Code of Conduct. Visit the Quitline Website for information to reinforce the dangers ... as if you needed it .. but also sources of practical and professional help. Support our teenagers by supporting yourself. Ring us if you need a hand.

As always, we appreciate everything you bring to change the life trajectory of our amazing Midnight Basketballers.

What do I do if a teenager raises a personal issue or an issue that may raise concern with me?

Each Tournament Night will have a professional Youth Worker in attendance. This is a requirement of the Midnight Basketball Tournament Model. The Youth Worker is qualified to address any issues that may arise and is able to provide support and information to the teenager. You should discuss any issues with the Youth Worker.

How do I register for a Tournament?

Before you can register for a Midnight Basketball tournament – whether as a player, volunteer or management team member - you need to create an account.  
Your account is where you enter and manage your personal information, as well as your registration details. You will only ever create an account once.
When Tournament dates are released, you can register for the Tournament via your Midnight Basketball account - simply log in to your account and select 'Register for upcoming tournament'.

IMPORTANT: Players CANNOT create an account/register for a Tournament. Their Parent/Legal Guardian creates a Player account via their own Parent/LG account, and then registers the player for the tournament.

How do I CREATE a Midnight Basketball account?

Create your account by selecting ‘Create account/register, Log in’ from the main dropdown menu.
    • Click the ‘Create account’ button and complete all fields. On completion, an email will be auto-sent to the email address entered, to confirm email.
    • Click the link in the confirmation email which verifies to our system your email exists and has been entered accurately. (remember to check your junk email folder).
    • Your account has now been created and is ready to be set up

How do I then SET UP my Midnight Basketball account?

Set up your account by logging in via the main dropdown menu ‘Create account/register, Log in’ and enter your login details.
Once logged in, you will find detailed information on account set up and registration on the Tournament System Home Page - 'Help getting started'.

I have forgotten which email I used

If the email you enter isn't the one registered, you will receive an error message. Just try again with another email. If you can't work out which email you used, contact your Volunteer Manager to help. Please do NOT create a new account - this will create a duplicate account and create issues for your hardworking Volunteer manager :-)

If you can't reach your Volunteer manager and you are stuck, you can email Midnight Basketball Australia to help.

I have forgotten my password

No problem - simply click on the 'Forgot your password?' link on the log in screen and follow the instructions.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You need to be 18 years or older.

How do I get Working with Children?

There is information on the Tournament System homepage once you create an account under the Working With Children Information heading. Thanks for helping us protect our teenage participants by supporting the requirement for all volunteers to have Working with Children with absolutely no exceptions.

Could my personal details be used for marketing purposes?

Absolutely not. Midnight Basketball maintains data about its Tournaments for reporting and analysis purposes only. No personal details are distributed to any third parties for any purpose.

Are the Session materials provided?

You or your organisation will more than likely have materials available that can be adapted to fit the Midnight Basketball mentoring session format. There are also packaged session materials available for the weeks 1 and 2 sessions. The Mentoring Sessions Manager can supply you with these.

Who will I be presenting to?

Teenagers (the Players) aged 12-18 years.

How many times will I present the Session?

You will present the session from one to three or four times (depending on space and number of teams) on the same night.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Legendary Coach, Vince Lombardi
“Did you hear me. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
“Did I say it clearly enough. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”