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Come along to Midnight Basketball Grand Final this

We welcome the community to come along and cheer the Midnight Basketball SunshineCoast teams this Grand Final Night coming up this , from 7pm at the TBA.

The Midnight Basketball Finals will be hotly contested by all teams, with the skills and confidence of the players improving throughout the eight weeks of the current Tournament.

“Our local community has worked hard to make the Tournament a success. I think we are all winners. Firstly, I want to applaud the way the teenagers turn up each week to participate in not only the games, but also the other elements with enthusiasm and energy. Midnight Basketball is a great recipe for success, building trust and friendships and opportunities for the future for all of us. It is great to see everyone being energetic and having fun!” says Chair of the Midnight Basketball SunshineCoast volunteer Management Team Sharon White.

Tess White, Chief Executive of Midnight Basketball Australia congratulated the players and all the community groups and volunteers on another great Tournament. “Without volunteers turning up each week, the local organisations getting involved and the enthusiasm of the players, it wouldn’t succeed. So congratulations, a great team effort on behalf of the SunshineCoast community. All great ambassadors of the national competition.”

"After the success of this Tournament, we can't wait to get planning underway for the next Tournament. We were so excited to see so many local teenagers bring their game ! They have expressed strong interest and encouragement to get the next 8 week Tournament up and running as soon as possible. I call for everyone to keep up the good work and come along this week to see what the excitement is all about and support our inspiring teenagers on Grand Final Night,” says Sharon White.

Midnight Basketball SunshineCoast is organised by a local Midnight Basketball volunteer management team comprising members from a range of local organisations The Management Team is looking for more people to get involved, or to volunteer on Tournament nights.

You can register by simply creating an account and registering online:
FAQs page - will step you through the process

If you would like any more information or find out about others ways you can support, enquire via the details below.

To enjoy the teen years. To live a good life. The magnet is basketball.


About Midnight Basketball

Midnight Basketball is a fun, high energy social basketball competition welcoming all teenagers.
Midnight Basketball Tournaments run for 8 weeks and start at 7pm with a nutritious dinner, three or more competition basketball games with skills sessions, music and bus ride safely home by midnight.

Midnight Basketball is community-driven and embodies our philosophy of combining team sport with learning and wellbeing while embracing positive opportunities by filling a gap on Friday and Saturday nights, with local volunteers coming together to provide inclusive, healthy, safe, motivating and free tournaments in local basketball stadiums.
Midnight Basketball enables and empowers effective relationship and community building within each local community.

Midnight Basketball Australia provides an automated, out of the box online solution, for approved communities to run low cost, volunteer-run tournaments embracing a diverse 'whole of community' approach to enhance social cohesion and wellbeing. It is replicable, making it a nationally scalable and sustainable model, designed to maximise the number of communities and teenagers that it can support.
Together, we are also helping to provide a positive real alternative to end the culture of binge drinking on weekends. 

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